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Design and creation of restaurant venues

We invent and create spaces and environments for restaurants, pubs, bars, pizzerias, and clubs looking for furnishing solutions in line with the style and needs of our clients.

Garbo Arredamenti has expert knowledge in designing, building, and producing interior restaurant venues, like bars and restaurants. For this reason, we know how difficult a turnkey project for the Horeca industry can be. We design and create all the spaces, those destined to the clients as well as those used by the personnel. Our experience in designing, furnishing and building restaurants, trattorias, taverns, inns, bistros, bars, pubs and canteens allows us to develop projects in line with the relative hygiene and sanitary norms, following the Territorial Health Office’s directives.

Spaces designed to be beautiful and efficient

We design and create all the spaces and furnishings of the venue

We design and create all the spaces and furnishings of the venue The entrance of the venue is usually where there is a counter with cash register, a wardrobe, a corner bar and a waiting area. The front of the restaurant is where people sit and eat, drink and talk. Tables, chairs, furnishings and details in the space make it the real soul of the venue. The kitchen, big or small, has to be positioned where the flow of people and work is optimised. The presence of steel in the furnishings guarantees its durability, while the spaces dedicated to an efficient ventilation system of the smoke and vapour ensure livability for those who work in the kitchen. The pantry is important for the logistics of the restaurant. This area of the venue acts as warehouse and must be easily accessible both from the outside and inside making handling the products easy. It must also be constantly cleansed and disinfected with well-placed shelves to guarantee organisation and cleanliness. The restrooms must be easy to clean and disinfect and therefore designed and built with the right furniture and materials to facilitate cleaning and respect sanitary norms. The acoustics of the space, in busy places like bars and restaurants, is very important and must be planned from the beginning by choosing furniture that lowers the level of noise to avoid the formation of unpleasant echos caused by a lot of voices of the people in the hall.

We are your general contractor

Besides the bureaucracy and problems tied to the safety of the spaces being furnished, we also handle any masonry that is necessary before the installation of the furnishings, by intervening on the perimeter walls of the building and on the supporting structures. Subsequently we design the indoor architecture of the venue with the insertion of lofts, partitions wall and internal drywall. One of the most important phases is the lighting: spotlights, led bands, table lamps, lamps and chandeliers are an integral part of of the environment and design because light means colour and colours mould the character of every venue.

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