Private homes and villas

Design your home

Design and production of furnishings of private homes

We design and produce furniture for private homes and villas, managing the entire process from site organisation to respecting delivery date

The Garbo Arredamenti design studio will manage the development of the entire project, first on paper and then creating a 3D rendering of the final result. Alongside the client, we select the materials, colours, textures and the smallest details, all to create the samples that are necessary to be able to actually touch the final result, even before work has begun. The 3D model together with the sample provide a real preview of what the spaces and style will look like, thus reassuring the client.

We create interiors for unique homes

Development and production of the furniture for private homes

Garbo Arredamenti has the skills, know-how and expertise to develop any architectural design project. We have been collaborating with architects and interior designers from all over the world to develop and produce furniture and interiors for homes, villas and flats for clients with high needs and expectations. We handle the entire project: from the drawings to the plans, from the prototypes to the production and final installation of the furniture. Everything is taken into consideration, like details and the technical aspects of the project, proposing solutions and improvements. We use advanced, design software, like 3D, CAD-CAM and Solid Word, which allow us to design, industrialise and render the product as real as possible, even before its actual production.


Homes with completely customised design interiors


High-end homes in which the luxurious details make the difference


Settings in which every available space is taken advantage of


Attention towards maintaining the original structure

We accompany our clients through the world of design

Design and decorative choices are never easy. For this reason, there is a department in Garbo Arredamenti that handles this aspect. Our architects and interior designers follow the client throughout the entire process of elaboration and style idea choices. This is the function of our design department, a space in which experts and architectural and design aficionados meet up with professionals to make dreams come true.

Our design projects