Design and create your hotel

We design and create furnishing for the rooms of your hotel

Make the time spent in your hotel memorable by creating furnishins that are beautiful, comfortable, unique, and surprising.

Garbo Arredamenti knows that the clients of any accommodation facility want to enjoy the experience of staying in a hotel, B&B, holiday farm, motel or boutique hotel. For this reason, providing a unique space with design-oriented details in the spaces, in particular in the bedrooms, is no longer optional but an integral part of the experience that people expect. We work with small accomodation facilities as well as with international hotel chains following the rigorous guidelines of every brand.

We handle all the phases of the project

Garbo Arredamenti is the contractor that can create your addomodation facility

Garbo Arredamenti can take on the role of contractor for the creation of your hotel acting as sole intermediary between the owner and the project, managing the renewal and renovation of the spaces. An all-round project manager who will take care of the design of the layout, of the masonry, the electrical and plumbing systems, the furniture, the bureaucracy and, above all, who will find solutions to all the problems that a such a complex project will encounter. A complete, turnkey service of the site, the construction paperwork, the production of the customised furnishings, in the terms and timing of the contract.


Attention to the guidelines set out by international brands


Total customisation of spaces and of each room


Design of spaces in connection with the surrounding nature


Special attention to every single detail of the furniture

Hotel rennovation

Often, when renovating bars or restaurants, the architectural element that we are asked to substitute, besides the furniture, is the floor. It is not surprising because it is the part of the furnishings that takes on the passing of time the mosts, the steps, heels, bumps, food and liquids spilt. Based on the style, taste, needs or design, we are able to instal all types of flooring: parquet, marble, gres, microfiber and a variety of resins.

Our design projects