Garbo Lab

Continuously evolving design

We develop design ideas and apply them to our projects

Garbo Lab is not only a lab for architectural ideas, but also a creative and innovative space for architects and interior designers.

In Garbo Arredamenti we develop new design solutions and create concrete prototypes for future projects, while looking to the future in a space designed to be a collaborative and stimulating environment in which interior designers, architects and woodworkers can freely explore their ideas and put them into practice with the help of state-of-the-art technology. We experiment and test new materials, technology, and design solutions in real time by creating mock-ups to help us perfect the original idea. It is an autonomous environment in which it is possible to think outside the box with the goal of creating unique designs.

We create future design trends

Architectural and interior design development lab

Garbo La’s mission is to design and develop high-quality design products which preempt our clients’ needs by offering innovative and highly stylish solutions. The lab is equipped with the latest technology like 3D printers, CNC machines, modelling tools and CAD software. Morover, there are also decorations, finishing materials, varnishes, and different types of wood. All this allows us not only to work group or individual projects, but also to learn and acquire new know-how and to experiment new types of technology. Garbo Lab also provides a collaborative environment to anybody who wants to be a part of it. It is a dynamic and creative space where ideas, feedback and suggestions can be exchanged for the growth of everybody.


We develop new designs preempting future trends


We continuously innovate interior design beauty and style


People with different expertise and experience come together to create


We create real, miniature prototypes of the project

We create real mock-ups of the final product for our clients

Garbo Lab’s philosophy is taking complete advantage of the potential of technology, experience and manual skill to create products that are beautiful and functional as well as aesthetically captivating. These virtual models allow our clients to envision the final product with all its details, to test the different materials and finishes and to make changes until they are completely satisfied with the result. Once the virtual models have been approved, the lab passes to the mock-up phase, that is real-size models of the product. This phase is crucial because it means being able to verify that the final product can stand up to the functional and aesthetic requirements. The mock-ups are built using materials and techniques similar to the ones used for the standard production so as to guarantee that the final products are as close to the virtual model as possible.

I nostri progetti di design