Design your shop

Design of shop and production of all the interior spaces

Garbo Arredamenti finds furnishing and architectural solutions for commercial spaces by designing store and personally creating indoor spaces.

The venue is designed based on the guidelines provided by the client with the final goal of enhancing the product on display. We are able to work like real general contractors handling not all the design phase and furniture, but also the masonry, lighting, colours, equipment and systems, providing a turnkey service. The project is planned with the client and managed by our design department where the project manager will dedicate themself to the specific project.

Create your point of sale with us

We imagine and create the atmosphere of points of sale

A boutique is identified by its elegance, the attention to detail and the exclusivity of the space where unique and one-of-a-kind products are sold. The uncompromising furniture is pretentious and represents the high level of the product and brand. The flagship store is the one characterised by the strong presence of the brand and its values, the one in which the architecture itself promotes the image of the company and product. It is a space with a solid impact that can grab someone’s attention and surprise them. The temporary shop is the one that has a limited duration and concentrates on the originality of the furnishings and distinct customisation. The shop in shop is a specific spot inside a store; it is a speciality shop and made differently and with a differenty style with respect to the rest of the point of sale to grab the attention of the client and shorten their shopping journey.


Grabs the client’s attention


Strong presence of the brand and its values


Elegance, attention to detail and exclusivity


Original furnishings and customisation

The design of our points of sale

Trusting Garbo Arredamenti means working with experts that are able to realise the goal of the point of sail through a preliminary analysis of the brand, product, market and competitors, to create shops, points of sail and chains, perfectly in line with the brand. We have years of experience in creating points of sail like boutiques, flagship shops, temporary shops or pop-up shops, shops in shop or corner shops, knowing that each space has a different goal.

Our design Projects