The integrated materials of our furniture


The interior furnishings of a space are an important part of interior design, and the selection of materials is a determining factor on the aesthetics, functionality and durability of furniture and furnishings. Garbo Arredamenti uses wood as its raw material in its projects, but there are a lot of other materials that can be integrated with the wood, materials that create a whole new world of possibilities. Garbo Arredamenti offers its clients unique design projects through the integration of materials beyond only wood.

Our furnishing materials


Wood is the main element in the creative and production process in Garbo Arredamenti. It is the material that allows us to generate that feeling of warmth present in every piece and which is able to unite the internal atmosphere with nature outdoors. The texture and pliability of wood is unique, it is unrivalled to the touch and its beauty is timeless.


Furnishings created with glasse create customisations that enhance the shine of the furniture with the knowledge that it is everlasting in time. Glass provides a modern and elegant look to any room and can be used to create a wide varity of finishes and colours. Garbo Arredamenti collaborates with master glassmakers who have been creating custom, artistic glass and glass walls for generations.


During the design phase, we often evaluate the possibility of inserting one or more materials besides wood. Steel is the material that we prefer and suggest more often. In fact, it has the ability to decorate and furnish if inserted as a detail and enhances the aesthetic value of the piece. It creates surfaces that gently reflect light, are more noticeable and smoother to the touch.


The introduction of Corian, also called acrylic stone, has increased the already wide selection of materials for the production of custom furniture. It is a material composed of a mix of minerals and acrylic resins, which can be shaped in many ways to create surfaces for kitchens, basins and bathroom furniture. Thanks to this innovative material and Garbo Arredamenti’s know-how about it, it is possible to create shapes and high-end surfaces of the most diverse styles.

Experience in combining different materials

Maximum freedom to design your spaces and furniture

Our goal is to provide maximum freedom to bring our clients’ ideas to life by transforming them into real furniture.


Our decorative materials are used to create kitchen countertops, furniture doors, floors, dining tables, consoles for the living area, furniture finishes, bookshelves, beds, bars, store, and restaurant décor. Furniture and furnishings become more elegant, and the customisations of the materials and colours add value to the pieces which will give style to the space.

We provide our clients a wide selection in design furniture so they can customize the décor and their spaces. More and more often architects and interior designers ask us about new coating materials with a contemporary or modern style for the surfaces of the furniture.


Fabric is an important part of interior furnishings. It can be used to create curtains, bed covers, rugs and much more and produced in a variety of materials like cotton, linen, velvet, and silk. Moreover, fabric can be used to cover furniture, an important part of the “soft” furniture range. From classic to modern, from leather to cotton, from patterned to monochrome, fabric is essential for a highly stylistic design.


Marble, the “shiny” stone, is and ideal material to add to the possibilities when creating high-end furnishings. I can be used to make tables, shelves and even floors, giving your house a sophisticated and elegant look. It is the link between all the furnishings, it combines well with wood, metal, and glass. Marble wins you over with its natural beauty.


For environments wanting an industrial elegance, linked to a recent past, the use of a rough and time-worn material helps to create special interiors that tell a story. In fact, iron is a metal that subconsciously reminds you a modern and industrial era, an element that surprises and makes a big impact on the space.


Colours are one of the fundamental choices to make in a Garbo Arredamenti project. It is the the imperceptible design element that characterises the light and tone of every space. Colours can influence the environment of a room, the perception of a space and emotional wellbeing. Selecting the right colour is key to ensuring that the potential of every piece of furniture and of the room is shown off.