Interior design and custom furnishings

The spaces we live and work in are those in which we spend most of our time. The perfect design of the interiors and furnishings of these spaces is important to feel and work well and comfortably.

We shape design

We design every single detail of your furniture

We design residential interiors and commercial spaces

We, in Garbo Arredamenti, know that the combination of different design elements can be never-ending, and often chaotic, creating an infinite possibility of customisations, but also doubts on how to proceed. For this reason, the first step of every single project is always the same: the design. During this phase all the most stylistically impactful decisions are made; these will influence the whole project. A project which, from the very start, will have to be well-defined and have clear deadlines.

We personalise your spaces with design

Customised solutions for your furnished spaces

The furniture, colours, lighting, flooring, finishes, materials, tapestry, the empty space, and the positioning of these design elements within the same space, are all there to create emotions. Our skill is understanding our clients’ needs which often go beyond taste, by creating design projects and architectural interiors in line with hopes, functionality and environment finding the right solutions through the study of a concept.

Experience at the service of interior design

From the conceptualization to production

Why trust in Garbo’s design team?

Because our solutions maximise the areas of each space. The elements and details to take into consideration are many so this is why we design a path that follows a proper order, if you will, that leads both us and the client to satisfying results. We have always worked with architects, interior designers and the customer. Together, we pinpoint the needs and find ideal design solutions that transform the idea into a detailed project.

Be it a completely new project or a renovation, all the phases are followed, managed, and handled by the design team so as to guarantee that the entire development process reflects the approved design.

Our collaboration proposal

What do we suggest to our clients?

Our design studio will develop your entire project, first on paper, then by creating a 3D rendering of the final result. Whether it is a house, a villa, a store, an office, a restaurant, or a hotel, we will handle all the phases up to the final product.

We design every detail

We design every single detail of your furniture

Complete furnishings designed to be beautiful

Alongside our client, we select materials, colours, textures up to the smallest detail, creating all the samples that are necessary to be able to see first-hand the final result even before having started the building phase. The 3D model together with the samples supply a real preview of the final result of the spaces and style with no surprises, but only guarantees. We design every detail of the project and manage the planning of the sites while respecting delivery dates.

Our design projects