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Architects and wookworkers at the service of beauty and interior design

An expert team with experience in unique projects

Our attention to the client and design, intended as a mix of elements like “shape”, “innovation”, “art”, together with manual artisanry and industrial practicality allow us to interpret and realise our clients’ dreams and ideas by developing residential and commercial projects the world over. Our team shares in your life projects, both private and business, with the goal and responsibility of creating the most beautiful houses and the best venues where you can welcome your clients and guests. Garbo Arredamenti employs a team of architects, interior designers, planners, and woodworkers who design and produce your custom-designed furnishings.

A team of interior designers and woodworkers

Denis Garbo CEO The director of Garbo Arredamenti inherited the know-how of the job by the two previous generations and elevated it to new heights. His speciality, a rare quality, is solving problems quickly and decisively. He is able to defend the importance of craftsmanship, consolidating in time a great knowledge of materials and their interaction. He combines everything in a perspective of applying the technology to the production of the interior design elements. A visionary. Linkedin
Irene Candido INTERIOR DESIGNER Always a lover of design, she started studying at Istituto Artistico Modigliani where she developed a passion for interior design, a theme that she studied with a Master’s in Interior Design ad the University of Padova. A freelancer since 2004, she started working with Garbo Arredament in 2020 managing turnkey, interior design projects with expertise in furniture, murals, small constructions projects and systems design. Diligent. Linkedin
Lisa Zucchini ARCHITECT AND PROJECT ESTIMATOR She got her degree in Architecture in 2009 at Texas Tech University in El Paso, Texas and further studied the subject with a Master’s Degree at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan in 2013. After having returned to Italy, she came on board at Garbo in 2016, first as Project Manager and then handling the analysis of the project requests to quantify the work and find the right clients for the company. Eclectic. Linkedin

Alessio Presotto ARCHITECT AND INTERIOR DESIGNER He got his degree in Architecture in 2003 at Università degli Studi in Ferrara and further studied the subject with a Master’s Degree in Monument Restoration at Università di Padova. He started his career as an architect, in the classic sense of the term, to then move on to designing and producing furniture in renowned furniture companies in north-eastern Italy. He became a part of the Garbo Arredamenti team in 2021 handling the engineering aspect, technical solutions, and the graphic work for the production of the design pieces and furniture made in Garbo Arredamenti. Fearless. Linkedin
Elia Miazzo INTERIOR DESIGNER He started his career in the elaborate design process, producing piece by piece, every element of the furniture requested. Renowned for his great ability to find solutions and his understanding of any project even before it is produced, he worked for the same company in a technical office as design engineer in the retail and contract sectors from 1998 to 2018. After a few different jobs, he came to Garbo Arredamenti in 2022 and started working as a product engineer, transforming projects on paper to actual design products, reshaping and improving Garbo design. Faultless. Linkedin
Marco Furlan ARCHITECT AND PROJECT MANAGER He got his degree in Architectural Sciences at Istituto Universitario di Architettura in Venice in 2011 and continued studying at the same university for his Master’s Degree in Architecture in 2014. After some work experience in combined architectural and design firms, in 2015 he started working in Garbo Arredamenti where he handled the design process starting with the architects/clients’ idea to the production of the design elements. He has earned experience in the company’s production cycle managing sites and being the go-between between architects & designers and the final product. Persistent. Linkedin

Cristiana Zangrandi FINANCE MANAGER She has been the administration manager since 2007, the year in which there was a change in management. She supervises and organises the company’s entire administration structure with great precision, coordinating administrative, accounting, and financial services with skill and dedication. Meticulous, attentive to detail, she is always able to solve complex problems and find ideal solutions. Relentless. Linkedin
Filippo Grossi PROJECT MANAGER He studies at Technical Institute for Geomtri in Barbarigo in Padova and was immediately passionate about systems to be installed in private and commercial buildings. After years of experience in the field and detailed management of the entire commissions, he came to Garbo Arredamenti in 2017. Here, he is Project Manager, specifically for projects regarding revamping, modernisation and translocation of bank offices and branches. Unstoppable. Linkedin
Ivan Maruzzo ARCHITECT AND PROJECT ESTIMATOR He got his degree in Architecture in 2000 at Istituto Universitario di Architettura in Venice. His career as technical designer started right away, first in the lighting sector, then in the fair installations and finally in the interior design of commercial spaces. He continues to hone his skills in Project Management from technical know-how, to project budgeting and process control for continuous improvement. Methodical. Linkedin

Sara Gallocchio FINANCE COLLABORATOR As administrative and accounting assistant, she has always carried out her job in different companies to always end up returning “home. She has a clinical eye when it comes to the financial movements of Garbo Arredamenti and does not let anything slide. Indisputable.
Ivano Pastore CARRIER He arrived in Garbo Arredamenti in 2018 looking to give his contribution to the company through his experience. He mainly manages delivery logistics and the collection of materials, semi-finished products, finished furniture elements. Relentless.
Petru Matvei INSTALLER He arrived in Garbo Arredamenti in 2019 after various experiences installing furniture. He handles the installation of the furniture elements in the workplace before the delivery to make sure that there is very little margin for error on site. Sharp.

Pierluigi Olivetto CARPENTER AND CNC He has been with Garbo Arredamenti since 2019 after more than ten years of experience in the retail production sector. He has an innate ability to see a problem from all sides to find the best solution. He can produce and assemble furniture, but is specialised in the production of the furniture on a numerical control machine. Methodical.
Icham Nachat CARPENTER AND CNC He arrived in Garbo Arredamenti in 2017 after many years of experience in similar companies. He has a brilliant mind full of practical solutions and he can produce and assemble furniture but is specialised in production with his know-how and the use of state-of-the-art machines (Numerical Control). Machiavellian.
Ion Cernich CARPENTER AND PAINTER He has been with Garbo Arredamenti since the 2nd generation took over. He is the backbone of the company’s production department and the living memory regarding historical artisan techniques. Constantly on the move and undaunted, he is very skilful in creating any piece of furniture from start to finish. Impassive.

Adrian Butacu CARPENTER AND INSTALLER He has been with Garbo Arredamenti since the second generation took over. An experienced person, he has been involved in all the company’s major projects. Able to handle any situation and get the job done, he takes care of the entire production cycle as well as installing furniture during busy periods. Determined.
Riccardo Babetto INSTALLER He arrived at Garbo Arredamenti in 2020 after various experiences in other companies in the furniture industry. He is a very experienced person who plays the important role of furniture assembly support, but his real expertise lies in installing the specific elements of complex projects with attention to detail. Inflexible.
Giovanni Tenio CARPENTER AND INSTALLER Expert carpenter in the retail, private and naval furniture industries, he is a freelance professional and has been collaborating with Garbo Arredamenti since 2018. His attention to detail and talent allow him to solve problems that arise while producing furniture. He handles both the production and installation of projects on site. Masterful.

Adriano Scalas CARPENTER AND INSTALLER He arrived in Garbo Arredamenti in 2018 after ten-year long work experience in the retail and naval furniture industry. He is able to interpret and transform even the most complex elements and handles the complete production cycle and intalls the furniture as well. Resourceful.